Published at December, 05 2018

Updated on January, 12 2023

Modernization of air navigation

  • Navigation aérienne

To improve the effectiveness of its action, DSNA developed a strategic plan to comply with performance targets regarding the safety, the capacity, the environment and the cost control. DSNA controls its performance by monitoring indicators and thus supervises the successful implementation of its strategy.

Strategic plan of air navigation

One of these objectives is the modernization of the air navigation. The technical modernization plan of the DSNA takes into account the european research program “SESAR”, technological dimension of the “Single European Sky” project, and in particular the regulatory framework established by the " Pilot Common Project", first step of deployment of the work in 2015. It is based on new generation tools (4-Flight, ERATO ...) and optimized operational procedures for all phases of flight (EGNOS, Airport CDM ...).

Des outils de nouvelle génération et des procédures opérationnelles optimisées pour toutes les phases du vol
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300M€ To maintain the performance and competitiveness of its services to its customers and users, DSNA will invest an average of 300M€ per year over the period 2015-2019, to modernize its air navigation systems (ATM : air trafic management, CNS : communication /navigation /surveillance systems) and maintain in operational conditions existing installations

Innovation at the DSNA


European-wide innovative platform offering interoperable services and visual applications for ATFCM & ATC needs.

IODA (Innovative Operations for Departures and Arrivals)

An innovative interface for ATFCM operations, an intuitive representation of flight sequences.

Aeronautical information

The Air Navigation Services Department (DSNA) is certified to provide aeronautical information services to all users of French airspace, including overseas. The Aeronautical Information Service (SIA) within the operations department is responsible for publishing this information in the form of products and services.

The evolution of AIS is part of the transition from an AIS environment to an AIM environment: services based on paper or electronic information are gradually being replaced by the provision, at any time, of accompanied quality digital data. new services. In this innovative environment of increasingly abundant and complex data, the DSNA must provide users with reliable, useful, up-to-date and prompt aeronautical information.

The DSNA implemented a smart tool called SOFIA-Briefing for your flight planning on the 8th of June 2021. This tool offers advanced, integrated flight planning and filing services. See the leaflet for more information !