Forest fires and wildfires

Prevention and staying safe


Forest fires and wildfires in France

The whole of Metropolitan France is exposed to the risks of forest fires and wildfires.




All regions of France are affected by the risk of forest fires and wildfires, and all landscapes can be destroyed by flames: forests, moors, fields, wastelands etc.

Tous les paysages peuvent être détruits par les flammes : forêts, landes, champs, zones de friche etc.



The southern half of the country is the most affected by the risk of fire: the Mediterranean area is one of the biodiversity hotspots, known for its ecological richness in natural species but which is also very threatened, especially by the risk of fire.

However, climate change could increase the risk in new areas such as the northwest of France.

Les départements les plus touchés par les feux sont dans le sud de la France mais le changement climatique pourrait accroître le risque pour de nouvelles zones comme le nord-ouest de la France.

The consequences of a fire

Fires: prevention and staying safe


No fires or BBQs on the outskirts of forests and green spaces (moors, scrublands, roadsides, fields etc.).

I respect the access restrictions to forests.

Ni feu, ni barbecue aux abords des forêts et des espaces végétalisés.


No smoking in forests, or out in the country during droughts, and never throw cigarette butts on the floor or out of car windows.

Pas de cigarette en forêt ou en pleine nature.


No spark-causing work near plants in droughts, heatwaves or strong winds.

Pas de travaux sources d'étincelles en cas de sécheresse, de canicule ou de vent fort.


No fuel against the house (heating oil, wood, butane, etc.) as these are fire accelerators.

Pas de combustible contre la maison (fuel, bois, butane, etc).


If I see a fire starting, I call 18, 112 or 114 (emergency number for the deaf and hard of hearing) and I try to accurately locate the fire.

Témoin d'un départ de feu, je préviens le 18, le 112 ou le 114.


I take shelter in a house while waiting for the emergency services to intervene.

A vehicle is not a safe place because it can easily catch fire.

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Nine out of ten forest fires are caused by humans and one in two is linked to carelessness. In order to protect ourselves from fires and preserve vegetation, we need to adopt the right actions and behaviours.

The effects of climate change


With the effects of climate change, new areas will be exposed to the risk of fire, particularly in the northwest of France (Pays de la Loire, Centre-Val de Loire, and Brittany).

In already affected areas, such as Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, Occitanie, Corsica, and Nouvelle-Aquitaine, the risk of fire could escalate and extend to medium-altitude mountains, particularly in spring, because of the reduction in snow cover.

It is also likely that the forest fire season will lengthen over the year, from the current 3 months to 6 months in the near future. It could also begin in the early days of spring and linger into autumn, as a result of late heatwaves.

The fires could be more intense and faster due to increased droughts and an intensification of heatwaves in duration and temperature. The increase in the number of large fires could lead to a strong decline in forest populations in the most exposed regions.



Météo-France has produced new reference climate projections for France. They show a very different climate at the end of the century. The average annual temperature could then be 3.9°C higher than today if greenhouse gas emissions remain the same.

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Les conséquences du changement climatique pourraient s'accentuer dans la seconde moitié du siècle : étés caniculaires, dérèglement des précipitations, sécheresses, etc.


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A fire is heading towards my house, I get in my car to flee.

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I can work with a grinder or a welding station near green spaces at any time of the year and in complete safety.

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Climate change will increase the risk of forest fires and wildfires in France.

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90% of forest fires are caused by humans.

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Communication kit

For the 4th consecutive year, the Minister for the Ecological Transition, together with the Minister of the Interior and the Ministry of Agriculture and Food, is running a national awareness and prevention campaign on the risks of forest fires and wildfires (wasteland, roadsides and railway lines, fields, moors, ferns etc.).

The whole of Metropolitan France is affected by this campaign. Its objective is to spread the actions and behaviours to adopt, both to ensure that you are not the cause of a fire outbreak as well as to protect yourself from it.

To support the players in the field, the Minister for the Ecological Transition is providing a communication kit.




Print communication - 2021

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Digital communication - 2021

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English - Communication kit

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Press kit - 2020

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