4-FLIGHT, the most innovative ATM system in Europe

Published on Thursday 9 November 2023

The 4-FLIGHT integrated control system is the corner stone of the programme to modernise the French ATM system. This new-generation system for air traffic en-route control, designed by the DSNA, the French Air Navigation Service Provider, and Thales, a worldwide company, in cooperation with the Defence teams, brings a new vision of ATM in France.

Thanks to the major, technological advances of 4-FLIGHT, the DSNA’s ambition is to offer innovative tools to operational staff so that they can easily handle dense, complex traffic in a completely safe and efficient way. Its ambition is also to provide its customers and airspace users with a very high-quality service. The aim is to be as close as possible to their operational needs, meeting the environmental requirements that will shape the future development of our business.

The implementation of 4-FLIGHT scheduled on June 14th, 2022 at the Reims ACC, designated as one of the two pilot-control centres, will represent a major step forward for air navigation in France. The intense efforts led since April 5th, 2022 to validate the running of the system in a completely safe and efficient way demonstrate the technological leap induced by 4-FLIGHT. This latest operational evaluation phase aims to consolidate the system’s acceptance by the operational staff and its robustness in a global operational environment.

After the Reims ACC, 4-FLIGHT will be deployed in the other French ACCs as soon as possible. Air traffic controllers will thereby be able to handle with a single system throughout the French upper airspace, covering a million km².


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