Toulouse, candidate to host the ECMWF

Le Mercredi 14 octobre 2020

Crédits : ECMWF Facility 3, Toulouse - France
On 1 October 2020, France officially submitted its bid to host its 3rd meteorological site in Toulouse. The choice of the host country and city will be known in December 2020, following a competitive selection among several candidates in Europe.

Toulouse, candidate to host the ECMWF

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On 1 October 2020, France officially submitted its bid to host its 3rd meteorological site in Toulouse.

The European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) is an intergovernmental body dedicated to the knowledge and prediction of weather and climate. It is a world reference for numerical modelling of the planet, for weather observational data analysis and for weather and environmental forecasts.

Currently located in Reading, UK, the ECMWF will relocate some of its teams to the European Union, in particular the services funded by the European Copernicus programme for Earth observation and monitoring. The French bid proposes to host these 150 specialists in atmospheric sciences, modelling, meteorology and climate in Toulouse, in Occitanie, from June 2021.

A world-class French scientific and industrial ecosystem at the service of the ECMWF's ambitions

France is strongly committed to the fight against climate change, biodiversity loss and improving knowledge of the environment. The installation of the ECMWF in a French city should enable it, within an interdisciplinary scientific community of excellence, to strengthen its position as a world leader. All the internationally recognised research organisations and infrastructures in the ECMWF's preferred fields contribute with enthusiasm and determination to the bid and are part of a collaborative approach towards this common development objective.

The ECMWF would join in Toulouse, capital of aeronautics, space and environmental services, major players in the observation of the planet with European interconnections: the National Centre for Space Studies (CNES), Météo-France, the National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS), the Federal University of Toulouse, the Midi-Pyrénées Observatory, Mercator Ocean International, which implements the ocean monitoring service of the Copernicus programme, and many other major companies in the fields concerned

Infrastructures and an environment for an exceptional quality of life in Toulouse

In a region of cocagne open to the international scene, where the art of living is recognised and attractive in all respects - from the education system to health infrastructures, employment, cultural and sporting life - the ECMWF teams and their families will find an exceptional quality of life for themselves and their future colleagues. The State, the Occitanie / Pyrenees-Mediterranean Region, Toulouse Métropole and the Department of Haute-Garonne are thus jointly offering the best reception conditions and development prospects to the ECMWF teams.

Located in the heart of the "Toulouse Aerospace" eco-district, the site planned to house the ECMWF has been designed to offer the most favourable working conditions: a new building certified to the highest environmental standards, offering a complete range of services and well integrated into a dense transport network.

Through this offer, France is mobilising to provide the ECMWF with the optimal conditions for its relocation to be a success and to pursue its ambitions as a world leader, in order to meet current and future environmental and climatic challenges.