Non-French PART FCL Examiners

Le Jeudi 28 mars 2024

Non-French examiners wishing to conduct skill tests can be featured on a list approved by the French Civil Aviation Authority. But in order to do so specific criteria must be met.

Procedures for non-French examiners

Non-French examiners need to be registered on the list if they wish to conduct skills tests (ATPL, CPL, IR, CR, TR, PPL, LAPL or BPP) , an initial instructor assesment of competences or an assessment of competences for an extension of instructor privileges. To do so, please read and follow the instructions as mentionned below.

January 2016 : Attention to foreign ATOs and Examiners

We kindly remind you that candidates for ATPL, CPL, PPL, LAPL, BPP and IR skill-tests must complete the DGAC registration procedure for ATPL, CPL, PPL, LAPL, BPP and/or IR skill-test before the examlners notify the test.
This registration procedure is independent from the DGAC requirements for the examiner.
Once the candidate is registered for the skill-test and has received his/her acknowledgement of receipt from the DGAC examinations office, the test can be conducted (provided the examiner is registered on the list, has notified the test and is allowed to conduct the test after the notification)

Registration for candidates on aeroplanes (ATPL, CPL, IR) : File Pilotes avion - Epreuves pratiques
Registration for candidates on helicopters (ATPL, CPL, IR) : File Pilotes hélicoptères – Epreuves pratiques
Registration for candidates for PPL, LAPL (both helicopters and aeroplanes) : File Examens théoriques ATPL CPL PPL LAPL
Registration for candidates for BPP (sailplanes) : File Examens théoriques BB - ULM - IULM - TELEPILOTE (national) -LAPL/PPL/A/H (PART FCL)

January 2017 : The document "Procedures for examiners" has been amended. Please review the document (available below) as well as the Examiner Differences Document (available on the EASA website).


This procedure is applicable from 03/04/2014 until superseded, amended or cancelled.

Concerned personnel

The procedure addresses Examiners holding an authorisation :

  • issued by another-than-France EASA member state
  • compliant with Annex I to the European Aircrew regulation
  • wishing to conduct FCL skill-tests, proficiency checks or assessment of competence on French licence holders.


Process to be followed by personnel defined above to comply with FCL.1015(c) and ARA.FCL.205(c) :

Aircrew regulation - annex I - FCL.1015(c) Examiner standardisation
(c) Holders of an examiner certificate shall not conduct skill tests, proficiency checks or assessments of competence of an applicant for which the competent authority is not the same that issued the examiner’s certificate, unless they have reviewed the latest available information containing the relevant national procedures of the applicant’s competent authority.

Aircrew regulation - annex VI - ARA.FCL.205(c) Monitoring of examiners
(c) The competent authority shall develop procedures to designate examiners for the conduct of skill tests.

How to comply with FCL.1015(c) and ARA.FCL.205 (c) procedure for examiners

The applicant must :

Self-study the Procedures for Examiners using the downloadable procedures (release 6 - January 2017).

Apply to be registered on the list of Non-French Examiners. The registration procedure is explained in the downloadable Registration folder (dec 2015).

If you apply for the first time, you must pay an examiner fee in order to appear on the list. This fee can only be paid online on the Redevance de surveillance et de certification website.

The name of the document you need to purchase is "Autorisation d'examinateur (Examiner certificate)". Please look carefully that you are buying the correct item.

A proof of payment will then be sent to you by e-mail, which you must include in your application mail in order to appear on the list.

NB : the payment is required despite the remark on the payment page.

If you encounter difficulties with the payment procedure, you may want to use another browser.

List of non-French examiners

To access the latest list of DGAC approved non-French examiners list.
Last update : March the 28th, 2024

From January 1st 2021 (Brexit implementation), examiners holding a certificate issued by the UK CAA are no longer authorised to perform skill tests, proficiency checks or assessments of competence on French Licence Holders, even if they are registered on the list of Non-French Examiners.


You can find the latest Examiner Safety Manuals by clicking on the following links :

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