Figari's essentials for ATM

Published on Monday 12 March 2018


Traffic and airlines

Compagnies aériennes stationnant à l'aéroport de Figari
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IFR traffic


ATC delays


9 659 flts

504 497

3 469 minutes


10 197 flts

586 042

8 057 minutes / +132% vs 2014


10 507 flts

639 916

6 979 minutes / -13% vs 2015

2017 10 753 flts 730 707  

Meeting Figari air traffic service manager

Disclaimer: The pieces of information provided are only indications and are not exhaustive. They cannot and should not replace legal aeronautical information contained in the AIP France (Aeronautical Information Publication), AIP supp, AIC (Aeronautical Information Circular) and NOTAM.

Clearance delivery

The Ajaccio approach and the Figari control tower manage together arrivals and departures sequences according to IFR / VFR traffic in Figari CTR and shall deliver departure clearances accordingly.


A small apron very close to the runway.

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Push back operations are operational since April 2017.


  • All types of aircraft heavier than 35t need to backtrack the runway for take-off and use the turnaround areas.
  • No particular prevailing winds. Runway use divides in 60% for runway 23 and 40% for runway 05.
  • The runway throughput is of 8 arrivals per hour taking into account the time needed for turnaround at runway threshold for departure and the time to perform the approach from the Initial Approach Fixes (i.e. from 7 to 12 minutes)
  • Intensification of the VFR activity is to be expected from May until September. The circuit is south of the field.


Runway 23

Vue du ciel de la piste 23
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Due to high terrain, when the wind strength is superior to 20kts, runway 23 finals can be particularly subject to windshear in the vicinity of the stone quarry.

With medium and strong wind, particularly from W-NW sector, strong to very strong turbulence is likely to be encountered in the vicinity of the AD. It is not recommended to start the approach runway 23 if the wind > 25G35 kt

Runway 23 ILS approach is out of the runway axis with a 1.6° off set. Localizer positioned right of threshold 05.

Runway 05

Vue du ciel de la piste 05
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On final 05, aircrews’ awareness should particularly be raised on the proximity of Mont CALDARELLO (387ft), especially during night operations. If the obstacle lighting aids are unserviceable, approach for runway 05 cannot be in service.

REMEMBER that clearing of Mont CALDARELLO (387ft) is not covered by PAPI.


  • All runway ends are covered with conventional approaches and RNAV(GNSS) approaches with LNAV minima.
  • NO radar vectoring for sequencing are to be expected after the IAF. Aircraft are expected to fly the full approach procedure after the IAF in order to facilitate departure/arrival separations.
  • Omnidirectional departures with required minimum climb gradient for obstacle clearance purposes are to be published in Autumn 2017. They shall provide more flexibility for departure and ensure safety.

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