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Published on Tuesday 16 April 2024

CASH (Collaborative Aerodrome Safety Highlights) is a collective safety initiative intended to draw commercial and private pilots’ attention to the aeronautical context and main threats related to an aerodrome.

These threats have been identified in a collaborative way by the main organisations operating to and on the platform (airlines, airport operator, air navigation service provider, aero clubs, Meteo France…) by comparing items of their respective safety management systems (SMS). Such information has been validated by the members of the Local Safety Teams (LST) of the aerodromes.

This initiative is part of HORIZON 2023, DGAC's strategic action plan to improve safety (point 1.3 / encourage safety information sharing between operators).

This page shows the CASH information related to aerodromes currently taking part in this safety initiative.


The pieces of information provided are published only for indication, information and are not exhaustive. We make our best to keep them updated. They are a valuable complement for flight preparation but they cannot and should not replace the reference aeronautical information contained in the AIP France (Aeronautical Information Publication), AIP supp, AIC (Aeronautical Information Circular) and NOTAM.

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